Underwire Tops

Retro, meet right now. Underwire swim made from sustainable materials.

Stylish Support with Vitamin A's Underwire Bikini Tops

Our swimwear is designed to empower and enhance your natural beauty, all while keeping sustainability in mind. Explore a diverse range of underwire bikini tops that provide the support and style you deserve for a memorable vacation. Whether you're seeking the perfect fit for a larger bust or looking to add a touch of oomph to a smaller size, Vitamin A has you covered.

Unveil the Allure of Underwire Bikini Tops

Enhanced Support and Comfort: Embrace the allure of underwire bikini tops that offer unparalleled support and comfort. Whether you're lounging by the pool or catching waves on the shore, our underwire swimsuit tops ensure stability and freedom of movement.

Flattering for All Bust Sizes: From fuller busts to smaller sizes, Vitamin A's underwire bikini tops are tailored to provide the ideal fit. Choose from an array of vibrant colors, captivating prints, and a wide range of sizes to suit your unique style and shape.

Customizable Fit: Achieve the perfect fit with adjustable features. Our underwire tops come with adjustable straps, slider backs, and innovative tie-back designs. Craft a look that suits your comfort level and fashion preference, making every moment by the water an opportunity to shine.

Elevate Your Style: It's the little details that set our underwire bikini tops apart. Discover delightful accents such as u-ring cutouts, tie-back designs, and chic large hardware rings that elevate your swimwear style. Embrace these on-trend touches that will undoubtedly draw compliments and admiration.

Empowering Sustainability: At Vitamin A Swim, we're committed to both style and sustainability. Our underwire bikini tops are crafted using eco-friendly practices, including the use of recycled materials like Nylon fabric scraps. With digital printing techniques, we conserve and reuse water throughout the production process, all while delivering the most stylish and environmentally conscious swimwear.

Explore the Collection: Elevate your swimwear collection with our stunning underwire bikini tops that offer the perfect blend of support, style, and sustainability. Whether you're looking to mix and match with our range of sustainable bottoms or seeking a standout piece, our selection has something for every beach enthusiast.