Celebrating Our BioSculpt Collection

Introducing our BioSculpt Collection — our response to planet-harming, fossil fuel-based fabrics.

In 2010, Vitamin A pioneered recycled nylon and plastic bottles for swimwear use. Our founder and CCO, Amahlia Stevens, was inspired by the design work she did with Yvon Chouinard at Patagonia, a visionary in sustainability and fabric innovations.

Since then, we've constructed our signature EcoLux and EcoRib fabrics to make the swimwear industry sustainable. Many brands have followed in our footsteps and moved toward using recycled fibers in their products.

But simply put, we can't recycle our way out of climate change.

Enter BioSculpt, the first plant-based, technical performance swim fabric - it's ultra-quick drying and thermoregulating, and the raw material is sourced from castor bean oil rather than fossil fuels. It's supportive, sculpting, buttery soft, and compliments every body.


On June 16th, we celebrated BioSculpt and the beginning of the swimwear movement made from plants. It was a plant-based dinner under the stars by Chef Flor Franco at The Ecology Center, a remarkable regenerative farm in San Juan Capistrano, and one of our nonprofit partners through our partnership with 1% for the Planet.


The event featured thoughtful courses crafted exclusively from ingredients grown on the farm's 28-acres with cocktails made with simple, whole, natural ingredients from Zuzu. Guests took home eco-party favors, including our reusable ‘Plants Not Plastic’ tote bag, flora centerpieces, an organic cotton turkish towel, and gua shas from our friends at zero waste shop, Package Free Shop.

And of course, the complete BioSculpt collection was on display for guests to touch and feel the innovative fabric in person.

We wholeheartedly believe plant-based fabrics are the future of swimwear. While it’s not a perfect solution, we're always working on innovation and continuing to make steps towards a more sustainable future.


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